Hi, my name’s Chris and I love music. You know how the automated services try to suggest music you might like based on your previous listening? It’s quite good but it’s not quite right. Then there’s the ‘recommended for you’ playlists where you throw away half the tracks and wonder if you could’ve just done it yourself? Or your mate excitedly puts something on and confidently announces, “You’ll love this!” None of it quite floats your boat.

What if you’re planning an event like a wedding, or own a venue where you want personal input into the playlists, but would like some help putting it together and playing it at your event? Perhaps you’re not sure how to navigate the billions of tracks and want some help getting your vibe across?

That’s where I come in. I can offer a human consultancy on-site or remotely to help you put your playlists together. I will personally create 100% handcrafted playlists of any length for your approval. Remote sessions will take place via video call and live collaboration and listening of tracks.

I’m very new so my website is just coming together, but you can get some ideas by visiting me on twitter @humanplaylistr – why not send me a message if you want to get in touch?

I’ll be updating this in the next few weeks but in the meantime enjoy your music.

— Chris

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