Attenuate what you don’t want

One of the techniques I learnt for equalisation, mixing, compressing and mastering is to attenuate the levels and frequencies you don’t want, then level the rest of the mix. If you keep boosting what you do want, you very quickly end up with a noisy mix that clips with no room to breathe. Rework becomes … Continue reading Attenuate what you don’t want

It’s not as easy as it looks

When I set up this site I relied on WordPress' default setting of displaying the latest posts on the homepage. Engaging and updated content drives traffic and provides an insight into the creation of the site as I settle upon what HumanPlaylistr can potentially do. I decided that the homepage needed to provide a much … Continue reading It’s not as easy as it looks

Travel venues launch and forthcoming updates

I've just launched the venues section of the site, with travel being the first one to be completed. Travel venues have so many possibilities, from the retail environment of the travel agent through the journey and arrival at the destination. Travel can be local or global and music can play an integral part of the … Continue reading Travel venues launch and forthcoming updates

A small but significant update ®

Recently I was notified by the UK Intellectual Property Office that my trademark application has been successful. The challenge/objection period has nearly concluded (12th December update - now concluded with no objections) with nothing coming to me, so I've started to update the artwork in use across all social media channels and this website. A … Continue reading A small but significant update ®

What is HumanPlaylistr?

Hi, my name's Chris and I love music. You know how the automated services try to suggest music you might like based on your previous listening? It's quite good but it's not quite right. Then there's the 'recommended for you' playlists where you throw away half the tracks and wonder if you could've just done … Continue reading What is HumanPlaylistr?

Corporate Responsibility and Performing Rights

“Can I use Spotify to play music in my business?”Short answer: no. It’s disappointing isn’t it? It would be great if you could just buy a Spotify for Business licence (you kind of can, it’s called Soundtrack Your Brand). Sort all your playlists, plug your iPhone in and away you go. It’s a thorny issue … Continue reading Corporate Responsibility and Performing Rights