My name’s Chris and I love music. I enjoy so much different music that my Obscurify profile, based on my Spotify profile, shows a diverse listening ear.

I completed a B.A. Dual Honours in Music Technology and Management Science, followed by a Master of Research (M.Res) in Music Technology, both at Keele University, Staffordshire, UK, specialising in creating software for live electronics during performance. My expertise was in MAX/MSP development of which there is more information at the Cycling ’74 website. My software took live vocal inputs and performed live FFT transformations and diffusion across an 8.0 channel setting (downmixed to 7.1 for DVD) to create an aural landscape for audiences located in the middle of the auditorium.

I’m also a trained musician specialising in vocal performance as a tenor. I’ve been a member of choirs and was the Chairman for Keele Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir, touring Ireland, France, Switzerland and Spain. The repertoire was varied and lead by some inspirational and talented conductors, combining with other choirs and orchestras for performance of large works.

During my time at Keele University I was a late night presenter on student radio presenting and producing my own show from 10:00pm to midnight every Monday.

What is HumanPlaylistr?

Our wedding was perfect in almost every detail due to the planner working with us. We took ages choosing our ceremony music, deciding on the theme from The Holiday, Jamiroquai and Sébastien Tellier. We didn’t have time to plan a lengthy playlist for the reception, simply selecting a classical genre from the venue’s stock. I remember on the day I was a bit uninspired and disappointed by it. It didn’t really spoil anything, don’t worry, but it could’ve been improved.

I wish I could’ve hired a ‘music consultant’ we could’ve met with, selected about 15 favourite tracks as a seed and then let them come up with a 3 hour accompanying playlist; starting with the formality of sitting down to eat, building up towards the speeches (all the while not being too intrusive but a good social lubricant) and then after the speeches a more casual and relaxed segue into the evening entertainment.

At Christmas I usually meet up with my oldest friends. It’s only once a year and it’s 20 years since we left school. At Christmas 2019 we met in a lovely Italian restaurant. Everything about it was great; the food, the atmosphere and the company. Except the playlist kept jutting into the evening, like someone interrupting the conversation by incessant shoulder tapping. I don’t know if the restaurant gave much thought to it but they’d spent a lot of money on the sound system. An expensive resource, frittered away and an opportunity missed.

Which leads me to this. No algorithms, no automation, just me, selecting music that I intrinsically like and I hope you do. I really want to bring my love of different music to everyone and provide a unique experience for you or your customers.

If you’d like to hire me as a Music Consultant, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you, meet you and understand your requests for weddings, bars, restaurants, hotel receptions…. anywhere really.

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