Whether you’re hiring me for events, specific or recurring, or you run a venue and would like assistance with your playlists, I would be delighted to help. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, or you’d like more information first, please just get in touch by visiting the contact page.

Remote work makes up the bulk of meetings and progress between meetings, and is undertaken via Zoom meetings (MS Teams and Google Meet by specific request), Spotify playlists and Trello kanban planning boards.

Customer Journey

All customers, events or venues, follow the same journey template.

5 steps to completing your HumanPlaylistr journey


Free No-Obligation chat

When you first get in touch with me, we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss the outline of your requirements and I’ll provide an initial quote to give you some idea of the final cost.


Initial consultation: £100. Time: Approximately 1 hour.

This consultation is to understand your event/venue, your requirements and select up to 20 tunes that will assist seeding your playlists.

Note: If you decide to proceed with my services, £50 of this fee will be donated directly to Brain Tumour Support as it’s a charity very close to my heart and is under-funded, and £50 will be returned to you in cash at Step 5 – Handover.


On-site meeting at venue: 20% of final cost. Time: 1 to 2 hours.

This meeting is to assess your venue’s licensing, audio technology and quality (which may impact choices), determine method of delivery, audition seed tracks and choose up to 20 further seed tunes, agree final length of playlist. (Currently delivered remotely with input from venue.)

3. Audition and Iterate

Playlist check: 40% of final cost. Time: 1 to 2 hours.

This meeting is to confirm progress and review changes between meetings, which may be done by either me or you. (Currently delivered remotely – can be on-site when restrictions are lifted.)

4. Target Completion

Completion check: 25% of final cost. Time: 1 to 2 hours.

This meeting is to confirm that playlists are of the correct length defined in Step 1 and contain tracks that are mutually agreed and acceptable. Any playback technology can be checked and further on-site presence agreed.

5. Handover

Handover check: 15% of final cost. Time: 1 hour.

A final check of all playlists, ensuring they are to specification and mutual agreement. In addition, playback and licensing is discussed and if required I can be contracted for an on-site presence at your venue.


Online meeting in action: Spotify, Zoom and Trello

Remote meetings can take place on a one-to-one basis or can include multiple participants – handy if you and your other half are in different locations! The layout contains Spotify, Trello plan board, a couple of visualisations, a clock (it’s easy to lose track of time when auditioning tracks) and, of course, my face. More information here.


RATE CARD and Indicative Pricing

The rate card is available here.

Recurrent Pricing

If you have a requirement for recurrent curation of playlists, for example you run a venue and wish to have 5 different styles of playlist, each 8 hours long and also wish for me to update them monthly/quarterly/annually etc then we can discuss pricing at the outset. For retained services there will be an ongoing discount, especially if you agree to 12 months at a time.


Pricing is flexible and will depend on how many tunes you may need. All pricing above is indicative. If you require very lengthy or multiple playlists then there will be a negotiation at the beginning of your journey. All prices are inclusive. Choose what you need to get a cost at the first meeting, bespoke work is always available. The rate card is available here.

How to Hire Me

However you choose to contract with me, you’ll get to meet Max The HumanPlaylistr Bear, my company mascot who is named after Max Richter.


You can of course contract with me directly. Contact me directly here. If you contract with me directly, and should you contract an entire journey with me, the initial consultation fee of £100 will be split as £50 donation to Brain Tumour Support (a charity close to my heart) and a £50 cash refund to you on playlist handover. The rate card is available here to give you an indication of pricing.

Hire me via WeddingPlanner.co.uk

You can make an enquiry about my services here if you so wish, or contact me directly. There is a special offer running on Wedding Planner if you make your initial enquiry via the site.

Hire me via Bridebook.co.uk

You can make an enquiry about my services here if you so wish, or contact me directly. There is a special offer running on BrideBook.

Hire Me via Hitched.co.uk

I’m awaiting verification of my listing. There will be a similar offer to weddingplanner.co.uk

Collaborative working Licensing

Spotify is used to determine the playlists as they are conducted in private meetings. It’s helpful if you have a Premium account but one can be provided for the duration of your journey if required.

Trello is free of charge to use as all boards are one-to-one private boards with no integration to any other board.

Zoom is free of charge to use for one-to-one meetings. If there are 3+ participants, meetings will be restricted to 40 minute sessions, whereby a break will be taken and a further session can be joined.

MS Teams free version is the only version supported.

More information about remote collaboration software is available by clicking here.

Playback Licensing

Spotify can be used in ‘domestic’ settings. This means a private party, by invitation only. An exclusive-use venue falls into this category. If your venue isn’t exclusive use, then only the function room you have hired is covered. Weddings are generally covered by this agreement, as are private parties, house parties etc.

If you have a commercial venue, streaming can be complex. You will need the appropriate PRS licenses in any case. I can work with you to introduce Soundtrack Your Brand. Using Spotify to build the playlists, they can be converted to Soundtrack Your Brand playlists. Soundtrack Your Brand is a complex but powerful tool for managing sound playback in single or multiple ‘zones’. Or you can purchase the tracks outright and your PRS license should cover the playback as you have paid the mechanical copyright.

Apple Music for Business is currently (2020) only available for large enterprises.


Presence on-site is within 100 miles of Crewe (daytime) and 50 miles of Crewe (evenings) unless your have very specific requirements. The cost of this is discussed at outset; mileage is free of charge for any meeting within a round trip of 30 miles of Crewe. Beyond this radius, mileage is charged as a roundtrip at 40p per mile. If for example your venue is 40 miles from Crewe, the roundtrip would be 80 miles, 50 miles beyond the free-of-charge radius. The charge would be 50 x £0.40 = £20.00.

On-site presence at your event

There is an additional charge for events if you require me at your event which can be discussed and agreed. There is no charge for attending on-site for a venue providing travelling distance from Crewe is reasonable. I can attend in formal branded workwear to fit a range of occasions and can operate professionally and discreetly at your venue. There is no requirement to provide me with anything at your venue other than somewhere to sit!

Privacy Policy

The secure storage and processing of your personal data is really important to me. HumanPlaylistr complies with Article 30 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can read the Privacy Policy here.

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