Pricing: Rate Card

All pricing is indicative and will be discussed and agreed at the first consultation. The initial consultation is £100 whatever your requirements but pricing can be flexible depending on your requirements.

All customers will follow the HumanPlaylistr Customer Journey.

All pricing is inclusive of any fees and taxes. Payment is due within 14 days of each step. Once the cost of your journey is established, it will be split in the following manner:

  • Step 1 – £100 – if you proceed with your customer journey, the £100 is split as £50 cash directly back to you, and a £50 donation to Brain Tumour Support at the end of the journey.
  • Step 2 – 20% of final cost
  • Step 3 – 40% of final cost
  • Step 4 – 25% of final cost
  • Step 5 – 15% of final cost
  • Additional charges – on-site presence, mileage etc are due within 14 days of the activity/event

For repeat/long-term work there will be a discount according to length of contract.


For a single event such as a private party or a wedding the following pricing is indicative. There is flexibility during consultation. This pricing is intended to give you a rough estimation of the likely cost. Curation and delivery will be via Spotify unless there are specific licence restriction, in which case I can work with your intended venue (additional charges may apply).

1 – 3 hours of playlists
  • Suitable for a small private party, anniversary, celebration, birthday or any small gathering
3 – 5 hours of playlists
  • Suitable for half-day requirements such as a corporate event, evening reception or part of a wedding day
5 – 7 hours of playlists
  • Suitable for a full-day event such as a wedding or corporate event covering the whole day
7 – 12 hours of playlists
  • Suitable for extended event requirements such as covering an evening reception in addition to a full-day event
Over 12 hours of playlists
  • Suitable if your event is running over multiple days such as a conference, or you have multiple rooms at your event
On-site presence additional cost
  • Within a 15 mile radius of Crewe, mileage is free (30 mile round trip). £0.40 per mile thereafter. Chargeable for any on-site presence


For a venue such as a bar, café, retail or hospitality environment, or wedding venue stock offering. Playlist curation and auditioning will be in Spotify, deployment will be using Soundtrack Your Brand if your premises are commercial trading spaces (exclusive wedding venues are permitted to use Spotify), the cost of which will be borne by the customer.

There is no extra charge for on-site presence for venues.

Single venue, up to 8 hours of playlists
  • Suitable where some repetition is acceptable, can be split over days e.g. 4 playlists of 2 hours length (on-site visit recommended)
Single venue, week-long playlists
  • Covers a week of trading hours and will cover multiple genres customised to your venue (on-site visit highly recommended)
Multiple venues, rotating playlists
  • Curation of multiple playlists that rotate over a given length of time e.g. monthly, covering all trading hours, genres and venues. Full consultancy

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

If you can’t see what you’re looking for, or have a unique requirement then please do get in touch with me. I’d be very pleased to hear from you and create something that fits your requirements, small or large.

Independence Assurance

As a sole trader, company owner and music consultant, you have the benefit of speaking directly with me to create playlists for you. Whilst I have professional musician friends and contacts, I have no affiliation with particular artists or labels, and receive zero commission for any particular track selection. Some of their music is awesome so I may recommend it for your event/venue. I will highlight where those tracks are included in playlists and you will have the opportunity to remove them if you so wish.

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